Top Solutions For Traffic Monetization


We offer a wide selection of payment tools and traffic monetization solutions.

A Wide Selection
Of Payment Tools

Our partners enjoy the widest menu of the most popular payment options.

We Design Our Own
Landing Pages

We design highly convertible Landing Pages and coordinate the services for your traffic with the charging source.

High Com

A wide
range of
payment tools

Technical Platform

Namopay’s hardware platform is capable of processing more than 3,000,000 requests a day.

Fault Tolerance
And Technical Support

Considering the importance of every partner’s request, we have created a network without a single failure-point, ensuring stable operation even if several nodes fail. Fast and convenient debugging tools help partners to get a clear picture of the processes happening, from A to Z, in any situation.

Partner Program

The Namopay partner program has signed up more than 30 partners.

Our Strengths

Our competitive advantages, experience and knowledge of the market help satisfy partner needs and meet the current requirements of the micro-payments market.

Personal contacts, an extensive track record of positive financial cooperation and a long-standing reputation guarantee the expansion of prospective partners and new markets.

In-house Projects And Traffic Management

Namopay creates and launches its own projects to work with webmasters.


The Namopay team is open to offers and partnerships — not just with large partner programs and traffic exchanges, but also with individual webmasters.

Contracts With Providers

Over the years we have earned the trust of many companies: